The Clarksburg Office of McNeer, Highland, McMunn & Varner, L.C. serves as the hub of the firm's activity. The main office, the Clarksburg Office is staffed by attorneys handling litigation and commercial law. The trial attorneys of the Litigation Department of McNeer, Highland, McMunn & Varner have handled hundreds of civil trials in areas of personal injury, catastrophic loss, insurance bad faith, insurance coverage, deliberate intent and toxic torts. In addition, attorneys have handled felony and misdemeanor criminal trials.

Clarksburg also serves as a base for some of the firm's commercial activity. The Commercial Department handles wills, estates, trusts, bankruptcy, consumer litigation and real estate.

The attorneys in the Clarksburg Office travel throughout the state to perform their tasks.

Clarksburg is our main office, and is staffed by:

C. David McMunn

James A. Varner Sr.

James N. Riley

Dennis M. Shreve

Geraldine S. Roberts

Michael D. Crim

Debra Tedeschi Varner

Judy L. Shanholtz

Sam H. Harrold III

Jeffrey Van Volkenburg

Richard R. Marsh

Allison S. McClure

Ron Kramer

Michael Gruber

Stanley Heflin

Michael Secret

  • James E. McNeer (deceased) 1924-2006
  • J. Cecil Jarvis (deceased) 1949-2007
  • Cecil B. Highland, Jr. (deceased) 1918-2002
  • William L. Fury (deceased) 1917-2010
  • Catherine D. Munster

Nestled in the foothills, the Elkins Office of McNeer, Highland, McMunn and Varner, L.C. provides access to the eastern part of West Virginia. Staffed with two experienced trial attorneys and an associate, the Elkins Office handles complex criminal litigation, from white collar crime, to tax evasion, to murder cases in both Federal and State Courts. In addition to criminal cases, the attorneys in the Elkins Office handle business transactions for automobile dealers, small businesses and local banks. The attorneys in the Elkins Office are also experienced property attorneys, handling loan closings, title searches, deed preparation and such. The Elkins Office is a welcome addition to the McNeer, Highland, McMunn and Varner, L.C. offices located throughout the State.

The office is staffed by:

Stephen G. Jory

Harry A. Smith III

Geraldine S. Roberts

The Kingwood Office of McNeer, Highland, McMunn and Varner, L.C. is a full service firm offering legal counsel and trial representation in a wide range of areas from personal injury and corporate matters to family law issues such as divorce, child custody, support, wills, estates and adoption. The Kingwood Office handles property purchases, loan closings, title insurance, contracts, deeds and property line and ownership disputes. We represent clients in all phases of business and corporate matters. The attorneys of the Kingwood Office service client needs throughout northern and north central West Virginia. We bring to your case a combined experience of 85 years in the practice of law. We take pride in our service to you. "Many reasons. One Law Firm.”

The office is staffed by:

Mark E. Gaydos

James T. Dailey Jr.

Woodrow E. Turner

Hilary M. Bright

Samuel Hess

Consistent with the firm’s overall practice, the Parkersburg Office of McNeer, Highland, McMunn and Varner, L.C., handles every type of civil litigation in both state and federal courts. With an emphasis in tort litigation, the Parkersburg Office also handles construction defects, commercial litigation, contract and employment matters, as well as intellectual property issues. In addition, this office is the focal point of McNeer, Highland, McMunn and Varner’s statewide collections practice. The attorneys in the Parkersburg Office have years of experience handling criminal cases, felony and misdemeanors, having tried a number of those cases. Along with criminal cases, the Parkersburg Office represents individuals in all aspects of personal injury and oil and gas. Based upon the Ohio River’s chemical corridor, this office has workplace liability, toxic tort and other litigation cases in its portfolio. With license to practice in Ohio as well, this office can assist with your legal needs on both sides of the Ohio River.

The office is staffed by:

Steven R. Bratke

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