Firm Overview — Crim Law Office P.L.L.C.

Attorneys Serving Clarksburg & North Central West Virginia

Your choice of legal representation can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your case. Who you choose as your legal counsel can also have a dramatic impact on your life, your future, your career or your company. Whether you are an individual, business owner or insurer, contact Crim Law Office immediately if you are facing a difficult legal issue and need the assistance of an experienced attorney. We represent clients statewide, including Clarksburg and north central West Virginia. Call: 304-918-1001.

Personal Injury, Medical & Legal Malpractice, Commercial and Business Litigation

Crim Law Office P.L.L.C. provides each of its clients with a litigation strategy designed and tailored to the specific facts and circumstances of each case. Crim Law prides itself on its ability to develop and implement creative and outside-the-box strategies to meet the needs of its clientele in a wide variety of legal matters.

First-Chair Trial Lawyers & Veteran Litigators

When you require a veteran litigator or first-chair trial lawyer, you can trust our team to deliver. We bring out the “big guns.” The dedicated trial attorneys of Crim Law Office P.L.L.C. prefer trial rather than settlement when we can use the courtroom to our client’s benefit, as we are highly confident in our ability to properly prepare, present, and win cases in front of juries. We offer the skill, knowledge, experience, attention to detail, charisma, and intuition required to gain the trust and resolution of your jurors. If you are faced with the possibility of going through a trial, whether for yourself, your family or your company, choose the legal team with the confidence and skill to present your best case to the jury.