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Private Dispute Resolution From Complaint to Trial and Appeals

Crim Law Office P.L.L.C. assists individuals and organizations in Clarksburg, Morgantown, and throughout north central West Virginia with all aspects of civil litigation from complaint/initial pleadings, disclosures, discovery, and motions through trial, post-trial motions and appeals. Our team of highly skilled and experienced attorneys assists with resolving a wide range of types of private disputes for our clients.

Liability, Tort Litigation, Property Disputes, Malpractice & Wrongful Death

Civil Lawyers

Any non-criminal matter can be brought before the court for consideration of monetary or specific performance relief. The lawyers of Crim Law Office P.L.L.C. are able to assist you with many types of civil cases. If you are interested in obtaining litigation assistance for a civil dispute in north central West Virginia, our skilled attorneys are available to assist you every step of the way.

Trial Litigation Services

The litigation team of Crim Law Office P.L.L.C. strives to assist our clients with reaching the most efficient and cost-effective resolution for each case. In many instances, we are able to negotiate and secure a resolution which is in our client’s best interest outside of the court system; however, we are always prepared to aggressively seek relief through litigation whenever our client’s best interest cannot be met by less intensive means. With over 100 years of combined trial experience, the skilled Crim Law Office P.L.L.C. litigation team offers the highest quality legal services to secure the best and most effective result for every client, every time.